Medical Assistant

Hring Medical Assistant

Job Description:

  • Welcomes and communicates effectively with patients, families, staff and physicians.
  • Responds to customer questions w/prompt information related to appointment status, wait time or unanticipated
  • Participates in planning optimal patient flow by monitoring provider schedules and communicating potential or actual problems.
  • Receives notification of patient’s arrival and ready to room status from tracking system.
  • Identifies the appropriate room and communicates patient placement to appropriate staff.
  • Communicates regularly with providers to inform them of their status during the session.
  • Monitors patient flow in clinic and guest relations to promote customer service.
  • Informs patients, staff and providers of delays in patient flow that are occurring inside and outside of clinic.
  • Tracks prolonged wait times for patients in waiting room and investigates cause.
  • Turns over the exam room preparing it for the next patient visit.
  • Assist licensed provider with procedures.
  • Takes vital signs per clinic scope.